Headband Firefly Toddler



Handmade Headband. Easy to attach. Made in Québec.

  • Easy to tie
  • Reversible, underside Denim Look
  • Head circumference 16 inches, 10% stretchable
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be worn as a scarf around the neck
  • One toddler size

Comment mettre le Fichu


Ferni Founders

The Fernis were thought for my two beautiful daughters and all my friends.


I designed my headbands and beanies to help them through those days when they need to exteriorized their wilder side and not go unnoticed.


I thought of those mornings, when they are in hurry and they need a quick  headdress solution that is nice and chic. I worked with fabrics that will allow my muses to be comfortable and have options to wear their Fermi in different ways.


Even if we describe them as being "ready to wear" the were designed to allow you to OWN them.


Own your Ferni.


Fernande Rozéfort, Founder, mother and friend